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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg
Home Attorney Profile Case Evaluation Form Contact Us  Articles Testimonials

Twentynine Palms Divorce Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg has been advocating for client interests in family law matters for over 40 years. He provides strong representation and counsel to individuals facing issues with divorce, separation, child visitation, spousal support, parental relocation, child support, paternity, grandparents’ rights, and more. If you live or work in Twentynine Palms, San Bernardino County, or anywhere else in Southern California, contact our law office for assistance in all family law matters.

Twentynine Palms Family Law Lawyer Rosenberg is well qualified to help individuals and families find functional solutions to legal disputes. If you would like to arrange for a private consultation, simply contact our family law firm by calling (760) 777-6600. We accept cases of complex divorce, simpleTwentynine Palms Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg divorce, child custody disputes, and more.

If you need a skilled mediator and negotiator, call Twentynine Palms Divorce Lawyer Rosenberg. We work to effectively resolve family law disputes of many kinds.

Family Law Attorney Serving Twentynine Palms, CA

In a private consultation with Twentynine Palms Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg, he will discuss any concerns regarding the case. Mr. Rosenberg explains the risks and possible rewards of each available legal option.

We handle many kinds of cases. Twentynine Palms Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg has decades of experience guiding the full range of family law cases to successful outcomes.

Divorce Lawyer

If you are ready to file for a divorce, please contact Twentynine Palms Divorce Attorney Rosenberg for effective representation. Our firm offers assistance on contested and uncontested divorces.

Property Division Attorney

Call our Twentynine Palms divorce lawyer and property division lawyer for help gaining a fair and equitable division of marital debts or assets.

Mediated Divorce Attorney

When a divorcing couple wishes to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, they may opt for divorce mediation. This is a more peaceful, less expensive means of settling divorce disputes. Contact our mediated divorce lawyer to learn more about divorce mediation as well as mediation for attorneys.

Spousal Support Lawyer

California law allows for alimony to be assigned by a family court judge unless each spouse voluntarily agrees to it. For more information and answers to any questions about alimony, call our spousal support attorney.

Child Custody Attorney | Child Visitation Attorney

When disputes arise regarding child visitation issues or a child custody matter, Twentynine Palms Attorney Rosenberg may be able to help. He is a skilled child custody lawyer and child visitation lawyer who works to find the right solution for each case.

Restraining Orders Lawyer

Are you dealing with matters such as invasion of privacy, stalking, or domestic violence? If so, please call Restraining Orders Attorney Rosenberg. Protective restraining orders or other means may prove to be necessary. Mr. Rosenberg has many years of experience in these matters and can help you decide what type of legal action would be most beneficial.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements Attorney

At times, it may be advisable to use a postnuptial agreement or prenuptial agreement to protect an individual’s assets. If you have questions about a pre or postnuptial agreement, contact our office and schedule a meeting with our prenuptial & postnuptial agreements lawyer.

Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Are you in need of a knowledgeable, zealous grandparents’ rights attorney? Call Twentynine Palms Lawyer Rosenberg. He is able to assist grandparents with matters relating to child custody, visitation, and more.

Domestic Partnerships Lawyer

Our domestic partnerships attorney helps clients involved in a legal dispute between domestic partners. He will help you understand what the law dictates regarding the rights and obligations of a domestic partnership. Call our office to set up a consultation and discuss domestic partnership dissolution and related issues.

Parental Move Away Attorney

When one parent desires to relocate, certain legal issues or disputes could come up. In such a case, we recommend consulting with a qualified and experienced family law attorney. Mr. Rosenberg is a skilled Twentynine Palms family law attorney and move away lawyer who is able to represent the interests of custodial parents and non-custodial parents. Call our firm today and learn more about how relocation could affect child support, visitation, and custody.

Child Support Lawyer

Do you need to change existing child support orders?  For reliable counsel on modifying or establishing orders for child support, consult with our child support attorney and divorce attorney.

Post Judgment Modification Attorney

When a major change occurs after the final decree of divorce or separation has been filed, it may be necessary to modify existing court orders. Call Post Judgment Modification Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg to gain assistance in making changes to child visitation, child support, child custody, and other divorce or separation-related matters.

Paternity Lawyer

Do you wish to establish or fight paternity? If so, please call Barrister & Barrister to arrange a confidential consultation with our experienced paternity attorney.

Limited Scope Family Law Legal Services

For clients wishing to only use specific services, we offer unbundled representation. Our Twentynine Palms divorce attorney provides limited scope services for the following needs:

When proposing limited scope services, we will create a detailed contract to outline exactly the work that will be done as well as the nature of the attorney-client relationship.

Call our Twentynine Palms Divorce Attorney and Family Law Attorney

Twentynine Palms Family Law Lawyer Rosenberg provides knowledgeable representation and counsel. He is recognized among peers for his skill and is often enlisted to mediate between opposing parties and their respective attorneys. Acting as the neutral third party, Mr. Rosenberg is able to provide mediation for lawyers and help difficult cases move forward to resolution.

Attorney Rosenberg is a dependable divorce lawyer who works to return client phone calls and emails promptly. Anytime a new development occurs in a case, the client is brought up to date as soon as reasonably possible.

If you would like to have a consultation with Family Law Lawyer Rosenberg, call (760) 777-6600 or complete our online contact form.


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Twentynine Palms Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg