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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

La Quinta Spousal Support Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg

When a couple divorces, the court may order one spouse to make monthly payments to the other spouse. Spousal support is not automatically ordered in every case. It may be agreed to voluntarily, or it may be ordered by the Family Law Judge if the divorce goes to trial.

If spousal support is an issue in your divorce, let the skills and knowledge of an experienced Family Law Attorney represent your interests. La Quinta Spousal Support Attorney Nathan Rosenberg represents either side, the individual filing for spousal support and the individual responding against it.

Call Barrister & Barrister, the Family Law Office of Nathan L. Rosenberg, at (760) 777-6600 and arrange for a confidential consultation.

Spousal Support Attorney Representation in La Quinta

In California divorce cases, when a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement exists and it stipulates the handling of this support, that document must first be considered.

If the marital agreement specifies the terms of spousal support, and the document is found to be valid, those terms must be followed as they are legally enforceable. If one party can prove successfully that the marital agreement is invalid, that document cannot be legally binding.

As a skilled and knowledgeable La Quinta Spousal Support Attorney, Mr. Rosenberg vigorously fights for the rights of his clients. He can protect your interests whether you are looking to validate or invalidate a document relating to a judgment for spousal support.

Factors considered in Spousal Support Calculations

It is at the judge’s discretion whether spousal support is ordered. Additionally, the amount of spousal support, also called alimony, is discretionary based on several factors. An experienced spousal support lawyer can protect and preserve your best interests in support cases.

Spousal support can be ordered as temporary or permanent, and the following items are considered when deterLa Quinta Spousal Support Lawyer Nathan Rosenbergmining the amount:

If one spouse has a greater ability to produce an income but is currently employed for a much lower salary, that discrepancy may be addressed and the reasons for the under employment of the spouse may be considered.

If it is proven that one spouse has spent a significant length of time out of the workforce in order to contribute to furthering the other spouse’s job training or education, the amount of spousal support may be adjusted to reflect that decision.

Temporary spousal support payments are designed to ensure the spouse with the lower income can live reasonably during the divorce and while they are in the process of gaining a sustainable income. In contrast, permanent spousal support is dependent upon the length of the marriage.

If spousal support is an issue in your divorce proceedings, your interests may be better represented by a highly experienced spousal support attorney. The above indicators, along with supporting materials from each spouse’s legal counsel, have an influence on the amount of support ordered by the judge. As a knowledgeable La Quinta Spousal Support Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer, Mr. Rosenberg has been fighting diligently for clients in these cases for over 40 years.

Contact an Experienced Spousal Support Lawyer

If circumstances change significantly at any time for either party after the initial determination of spousal support, a post-judgment spousal support modification can be requested from the court.

La Quinta Spousal Support Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg is a skilled family law lawyer who has vast experience as a negotiator, litigator, and mediator.

For experienced advice and counsel in your spousal support matter, contact our office by telephone or submit your information on our Online Case Evaluation Form. We will arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss your situation.