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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg
Home Attorney Profile Case Evaluation Form Contact Us  Articles Testimonials

Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals in Family Law issues. He is an experienced Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer who will fight for the primary interests of you and your loved ones. For over 40 years, clients in Palm Springs and surrounding communities have benefitted from the knowledgeable advice and counsel of Mr. Rosenberg.

If your legal matter involves a complex family law matter or high-asset financial issues which arise during divorce, child custody disputes, legal separation, or another legal action, call upon Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg. We are prepared to skillfully handle every facet of the legal challenges you face.

Family Law Lawyer Rosenberg is highly experienced as a mediator and seasoned negotiator with the knowledge and experience to skillfully resolve your family law matters.

Call Palm Springs Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg for a confidential initial consultation to talk about your situation. Mr. Rosenberg can help you understand your rights and address your legal concerns. He will work with you to explore and develop a strategy for achieving your legal objectives.

Contact our Palm Springs Family Law Firm for efficient, cost-effective results. Schedule your consultation by calling (760) 777-6600.

Family Law Attorney Services in Palm Springs

If you are involved in a family law issue, you need intelligent legal counsel. Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg is well-qualified to handle your situation. He makes the extra effort to ensure his clients understand their rights and the rights of all involved parties. As our client, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation, including the ramifications of your actions today and the effect it can have on your family in the future.

As an experienced family law firm, Barrister & Barrister strives to design workable solutions for individuals and families in many legal areas. Since 1975, Palm Springs Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg has created successful outcomes in an extensive range of family law matters, including those that follow.

Divorce Whether you are the one considering divorce, or whether your spouse has already filed the divorce, Palm Springs Divorce Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg can provide experienced, knowledgable counsel in all contested /uncontested divorce cases and related matters.

Property Division Mr. Rosenberg fights zealously to achieve an equitable division of assets. Whether through mediation, negotiation, or litigation at trial, he works diligently to establish the separation date while identifying assets which are community property or commingled.

Spousal Support Based upon numerous factors, spousal support in California is determined by the judge. It in only awarded in certain qualifying circumstances. Call Palm Springs Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg for skilled guidance regarding spousal support issues.

Divorce Mediation If you are looking for a cost-efficient divorce alternative to litigation, consider divorce mediation. With the assistance of our neutral divorce mediator, the divorcing spouses together make decisions toward a workable outcome.

Restraining Orders When our client’s situation involves domestic abuse, Palm Springs Divorce Attorney Rosenberg is prepared to file the restraining orders to protect you. These situations may involve, stalking, excessive texting, domestic violence, civil harassment, invasion of privacy, or annoyance. We are here to protect you and your loved ones.

Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreements Whether the document was created prior to the marriage, or during the marriage, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can offer protection for you and your assets. Whether you are looking for an experienced Family Law Attorney to draft a marital agreement, or whether you are looking for a knowledgeable Family Law Lawyer to review a marital agreement that you have been asked to sign, contact Barrister & Barrister for assistance.

Domestic Partnerships We provide advice and counsel on the rights of individuals in a Domestic Partnership, and we also handle all matters concerning the Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership.

Child Custody and Visitation If you are seeking custody or are involved in any type of child custody issue, Palm Springs Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Rosenberg fights for your best interests. In child visitation matters, we create detailed parenting plans which work for all parties involved. Contact Barrister & Barrister for skilled assistance in child custody and child visitation matters.

Grandparents’ Rights As a strong legal advocate for grandparents who are seeking custody or visitation, Mr. Rosenberg protects the grandparent’s right to have access to the grandchild when the family is no longer intact.

Parental Relocation When court orders have been established for child custody, child support, or child visitation, and the custodial parent plans to relocate the child a significant distance from their current residence, Palm Springs Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg can represent either side in this situation.

Child Support If you are seeking child support, or if you are disputing the amount you are being asked to pay, Divorce Attorney Rosenberg will vigorously advocate on your behalf.

Post-Judgment Modification If there has been a significant change in your situation and you are looking for a modification to existing court orders, Palm Springs Family Law Lawyer Rosenberg can provide skilled representation to change the child support, custody, or visitation orders.

Paternity If you are fighting a paternity action, or if you are looking to establish paternity, contact our Palm Springs Family Law Firm for information.

Limited Scope Services | Family Law Matters

In order for clients to have access to quality family law-related legal services, Palm Springs Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg offers Limited Scope Representation for many legal actions.

These services allow a client to retain our experienced and knowledgeable legal team for certain defined services. When you are in need of unbundled legal services, and you are not in need of attorney representation throughout every part of your case, contact Barrister & Barrister for the following Limited Scope Services:

Prior to commencing work on a limited scope, Mr. Rosenberg and the client will sign a document detailing the contracted work. If it is determined that further legal actions are necessary, we will present further options. We will draft an agreement outlining the work to be completed and the nature of the relationship. If further representation is necessary, Mr. Rosenberg will discuss further options.

Contact a Skilled Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Today

With over 40 years of experience, Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg has extensive experience helping men and women resolve family law and divorce matters. He provides personalized legal services which are designed to deliver results efficiently and effectively.

In addition, Mr. Rosenberg provides mediation services for attorneys. He is a skilled neutral negotiator who hammers out agreements between parties when their attorneys need this assistance. Contact Barrister & Barrister for details.

We show respect for our clients by returning client inquiries and addressing calls and emails promptly. We will keep you informed when developments occur in your case. Contact our experienced Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg by calling (760) 777-6600. Please schedule your private consultation and receive answers today.

You may reach us online by completing the Family Law Case Evaluation Form, and our team will arrange a convenient initial meeting for you.

Palm Springs Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg