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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

Welcome to Barrister & Barrister – The Family Law Office of La Quinta Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg.

Mr. Rosenberg has been fighting to protect the best interests of Family Law clients in La Quinta and the surrounding communities for more than 40 years.

An experienced, caring Family Law Attorney, Mr. Rosenberg is result-oriented and has extensive experience successfully representing clients in a broad range of Family Law-related issues.

If you need the help of a skilled Family Law Lawyer to resolve a dispute, let Mr. Rosenberg put his decades of knowledge to work for you.

At Barrister & Barrister, La Quinta Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg is a seasoned negotiator, mediator and litigator who has the experience required to resolve your case efficiently.

Please contact Mr. Rosenberg by calling (760) 777-6600 to make an appointment for your confidential, in-office consultation with one of the area's leading Family Law Lawyers.

During your consultation, Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg will meet with you to discuss your primary concerns and objectives. Mr. Rosenberg will also review various legal approaches to resolving your matter in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Family Law Lawyer in La Quinta – Practice Areas

Since 1975, Attorney Nathan Rosenberg has been helping clients achieve good results in a wide variety of Family Law issues. He provides high quality legal representation in the following types of matters:

Child Custody - Experienced representation during the initial determination of Legal Custody & Physical Custody, as well as Post-Judgment Custody Modifications.

Child Visitation - Detailed Parenting Plans which set forth the dates and times for visitation, and include provisions for all major holidays, summers, family vacations and birthdays.

A complete Parenting Plan may also incorporate detailed information about where the child exchange shall take place and who may oversee the exchange.

Child Support - Initial determination of the Child Support Obligation, Department of Child Support Enforcement representation, and Post-Judgment Modifications as they apply due to a change in custody or one parent's income.

Divorce - Divorce Lawyer representation in all divorce cases, including contested and uncontested divorces as well as those involving large marital estates.

Domestic Partnerships - Mr. Rosenberg handles matters involving the Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships, and offers skilled legal counsel regarding the Rights of Domestic Partners such as bedside hospital or hospice access.

Grandparents’ Rights - In depth advice about the rights that Grandparents have under California Law. Vigorous legal representation on behalf of grandparents seeking visitation or custody of children whose families are no longer intact.

Call La Quinta Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg at (760) 777-6600 for additional information.

Move Away - Knowledgeable legal advice offered to both custodial and non-custodial parents when the custodial parent wants to move a significant distance from their place of residence at the time the original Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support orders were set in place.

If a Move Away request is granted, Mr. Rosenberg also provides representation in Post-Judgment Modification hearings that will arise as a result.

Paternity - Attorney Nathan Rosenberg handles all Paternity cases. Legal counsel and representation is offered to both the individual who wants to establish Paternity, and the party fighting a Paternity action.

If Paternity is uncontested or established by the Family Law court, legal assistance is also provided during Custody, Visitation and Child Support hearings or disputes.

Post Judgment Modification - If you need to modify your original judgment or any subsequent rulings, contact the Law Office of La Quinta Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg today by calling (760) 777-6600.

A successful demonstration to the Court that a change of circumstances has taken place may result in the modification of Custody, Visitation, Child Support and/or Spousal Support.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements - Marital Agreements set forth the property and amount of Spousal Support (where applicable) that the obligated party to the marital contract will receive in case of either divorce or death.

Property Division - In order to properly divide all marital assets and debts, it is important to establish the parties' date of separation if either is contesting when the separation took place.

Once established, and if a marital agreement does not exist, La Quinta Divorce Attorney Rosenberg will fight zealously to make sure that his clients receive fair results through settlement negotiations, mediation, or trial.

Restraining Orders - Restraining Orders may be issued in numerous situations, which include but aren't limited to acts of domestic violence, stalking, excessive texting, invasion of personal space or property, civil harassment and annoyance.

Whether you want to obtain a restraining order or have had a temporary restraining order issued against you, Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg will provide a comprehensive overview of the process. This includes a detailed discussion of the consequences of the issuance of a permanent restraining order, which can have life-altering results.

Spousal Support - Unlike child support, Spousal Support is generally left to the discretion of the Family Law Judge deciding your case if you make the decision to go to trial.

The existence of a valid marital agreement may set forth the terms of spousal support, which must be followed unless the party who is bound to the terms of the agreement can successfully prove that circumstances relating to its signing should invalidate its terms.

In addition to the preceding areas of practice, La Quinta Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg is pleased to offer cost-effective, Limited Scope Representation. Whether you need a skilled lawyer to prepare your documents for filing or are seeking representation at a hearing, we can help.

Other Family Law services offered by Mr. Rosenberg include Divorce Mediation, as well as Mediation for Attorneys.

Divorce Mediation can be a successful alternative to costly litigation if the individuals are able to communicate effectively and want to control the outcome of their case.

Acting as a neutral negotiator, Mr. Rosenberg will meet with the parties to help them resolve all areas of dispute and will draft a Marital Dissolution Agreement which sets forth the terms and conditions that the parties have agreed upon in place of taking their case to trial.

Mediation for Attorneys is offered to lawyers and their clients when their cases are ready for settlement. This service is provided as part of Mr. Rosenberg's outreach program to attorneys within the Valley. All will meet with him for guidance and assistance in hammering out the final aspects of their matter.

Contact La Quinta Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg, Esq.

Please contact Barrister & Barrister, the Law Office of Nathan L. Rosenberg at (760) 777-6600 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive Family Law Consultation.

A compassionate and highly experienced La Quinta Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney, Mr. Rosenberg possesses an in-depth understanding of all Family Law-related issues.

Devoted to providing each and every client with personalized legal services, Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg will respond to all telephone inquiries and email communications quickly. You will not be left in the dark regarding the progress of your case.

Call today to learn how Mr. Rosenberg can help you resolve your case in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Conveniently located in La Quinta, Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg proudly represents clients throughout the region. Let Mr. Rosenberg put his substantial experience to work on your behalf! Call to speak to a lawyer who will fight diligently to protect and preserve your interests.

La Quinta Family Law Attorney | Nathan Rosenberg