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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

La Quinta Child Visitation Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg

Child Visitation Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg is a result-oriented family law attorney who helps clients in La Quinta and throughout Southern California resolve family law and child visitation matters efficiently and cost-effectively.

Visitation refers to the amount of parenting time the non-custodial parent spends with the child. La Quinta Child Visitation Attorney Nathan Rosenberg helps parents create detailed parenting plans to ensure their child has an opportunity to spend quality time with each parent. In some cases, the parenting plan is created at the same time as the child custody order.

As a skilled family law lawyer, Mr. Rosenberg has extensive experience inside and outside the courtroom handling visitation and family law disputes. He also fights for the rights of both mothers and fathers who have been wrongfully denied access to their child.

Contact the family law firm of Child Visitation Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg for a comprehensive consultation to discuss your situation. Mr. Rosenberg is dedicated to providing personalized legal services for each client. Call (760) 777-6600 to arrange for your confidential consultation.

Comprehensive Parenting Plans in La Quinta

Parents who separate, whether they have gone through a divorce or whether they were never married, will need to create a plan for the care and welfare of the children. La Quinta Child Visitation Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg creates detailed parenting plans and visitation schedules which include:

Complete parenting plans also include detailed knowledge of where a child exchange will occur and who will oversee this exchange.

In certain circumstances, the parents may be able to agree on the terms. When there is disagreement, the court will send the parents to mediation. If an agreement still cannot be reached, the judge will decide upon a plan and create a Visitation Order. Contact La Quinta Child Visitation Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg for experienced legal representation in your child visitation dispute.

California law recognizes several types of Visitation Orders:

Many times, the parents will be required to meet with a Family Court Services mediator before the judge approves the Visitation Order. Under certain circumstances, older children and teens may have some input as to their visitation schedule.

Child Visitation Lawyer Representation | Visitation Rights

It is the responsibility of the child’s caretaker to see that the visitation schedule is followed, unless both parents are in agreement. Child Visitation Attorney Nathan Rosenberg is a skilled negotiator, experienced mediator, and knowledgeable litigator who will fight to protect your best interests and the best interests of your children.

Legal remedies are available if one parent believes the other parent’s time with the child needs to be supervised. Contact Child Visitation Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg for immediate legal assistance.

Contact Child Visitation Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

La Quinta Family Law Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg is a highly experienced and compassionate legal advocate for his clients. He understands the sensitivity and urgency of the situation, and he works diligently to protect your right to have a presence in your children’s lives.

Please contact our La Quinta Child Visitation Lawyer by calling (760) 777-6600, or complete our Online Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you for more information and schedule your consultation with Child Visitation Attorney Nathan Rosenberg.

Call our office to discover the ways Barrister & Barrister, the Law Office of Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg, is prepared to resolve your legal matter in a cost effective, efficient manner.