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Nathan L. Rosenberg | Most Honored Attorney So Cal Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

La Quinta Child Custody Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg

Child Custody Attorney Nathan Rosenberg has been providing skilled representation in family law and child custody matters in La Quinta and throughout Southern California for more than 40 years.

We understand the issue of custody is highly stressful for all parties involved, including the children. California’s custody laws are complex and are often a source of contention. For these reasons, La Quinta Child Custody Attorney Nathan L. Rosenberg works diligently to resolve these disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

If you are involved in a divorce, post-judgment modification situation, paternity case, or other circumstances where the skills of an experienced child custody attorney are necessary, contact La Quinta Child Custody Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg at (760) 777-6600 and make an appointment to obtain skilled legal advice regarding your situation. We will thoroughly review the circumstances and facts of your dispute. As a highly experienced Family Law Attorney, Mr. Rosenberg will advise you of your rights and legal obligations while exploring various approaches to resolving this matter efficiently.

Protect Your Parental Rights in California

Many factors are involved when deciding custody arrangements for your children. Where will the children live and with whom? How will important decisions be made regarding schooling and health care? How and when will the children contact the non-custodial parent?

These are among the decisions you and your partner will need to make when resolving issues concerning the custody of your children. If you both cannot come to an agreement in order to develop a legally enforceable parenting plan, the court will decide the matter and issue custody orders. California Law mandates arrangements must be made in the best interest of the children involved. Skilled guidance from a knowledgeable La Quinta Child Custody Attorney can be critical to successfully resolving your dispute.

Child Custody Lawyer Representation in La Quinta

La Quinta Family Law Lawyer Nathan L. Rosenberg has been representing clients in child custody cases for over 40 years. The law recognizes two types of custody for children in California:

Physical Custody

Legal Custody

A parent may have either sole physical and legal custody, or they may share physical or legal custody. For example, in a situation where one parent has sole physical custody and joint legal custody, the children live with one parent, but both parents share in making important decisions about the child.

If your situation has changed significantly since the initial determination, Family Law Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg will represent your interests and seek a Child Custody Modification to reflect your new situation. Our family law firm can take your case even if we did not handle this matter when the custody was originally established.

Contact La Quinta Child Custody Attorney Nathan Rosenberg

Barrister & Barrister, the Law Office of La Quinta Family Law Attorney Nathan Rosenberg, offers personalized legal representation in any type of child custody matter. La Quinta Child Custody Lawyer Nathan Rosenberg has extensive experience resolving a wide range of family law cases.

Please call (760) 777-6600 and arrange for a comprehensive consultation, or complete our Online Evaluation Form. We will contact you soon.

From our office located conveniently in Old Town La Quinta, Barrister & Barrister proudly serves clients throughout the Coachella Valley region.